The endless hole of stuff that you want to try but never get around to doing. You know what I mean, the post you liked a month ago that you thought “I could totally do this” but now its buried under the new fashion of this month. Pinterest gives a lot of people new ideas for food, fashion, weddings and lots of other things. I love it to look at stuff that is cool but, I will probably never have the time to do. Since, I actually have a life and a room that isn’t big enough for a seating area with a mini fridge. I just thought for this post I could put some of my favorite pins that I’ve always wanted to try from the endless website that is, Pinterest. Continue reading “Pinterest”


Valentines Day

The one holiday that makes single people come together with all of their friends and have a singles party. One thing you need for a true singles party is snacks. Snacks and desserts that just makes you want to cry after you ate the entire bowl, tray or cake. I find a lot of my favorite recipes on other people blogs or YouTube channels. Here are some of my favorite valentines day treats that are great for parties with you and your single friends. Continue reading “Valentines Day”

1st Post

Welcome to my blog. My names Gianna, I love reading, sports, art and every single one of my friends and family. Like everyone says that’s the most important thing in life. I think those people were right. My friends and family get me through every second of everyday. I thought this blog could just be about anything, I want it to be about. Like anything and everything that comes to mind. So that’s exactly what’s going to happen on this blog.


Quotes, the things people say that make you think about something, anything. The people who write the are usually smarter than most and know how write stuff that makes them sound really smart. The quote could be from a novel or just popped into a persons head at a perfect time (Neil Armstrong). So here are some of my favorite quotes and their authors… Continue reading “Quotes”